Aromarts is a new venture in the world of seasonings and its innovations. Previously, the company used to operate under the name of Multilink and made quite a name for its quality and timely availability of excellent, tasty and tang seasonings. The company was earned fame because of the tailor-made products that it provides to the industry and ultimately add spice to our lives. Having observed the changing needs and demands of today’s customers and consumer, the company stepped up and presented itself with a new company name Aroma Arts which in every way was improved, be it quality, food safety, certified etc. The chairman of the company has come a long way through his hard work, dedication and passion to achieve heights and quality, to easily work for all the A class companies in Pakistan.





Aromarts Pvt Ltd has always been targeted on making innovative flavours and seasoning blends, alongside we have a tendency to additionally direct all our passion towards giving our valued customers the attention and service needed. After all, years of expertise have taught us that you can’t just work harder, you’ve need to work smarter.
Each of our customers gets one hundred percent of our efforts anytime without any prejudice and we feel that's the way it ought to be. Here, we area unit committed to have faith in our values and values we have a tendency to place onto our valued customers.


We invariably aim to supply our customers with the best quality & hygiene standards. Our raw materials are procured from the purest resources; our automated machinery method & pack our products with nearly untouched human hands.

We want to conduct our operations in an exceedingly safe and profitable manner, whereas paying full attention to the atmosphere and supporting sustainable development of the local people.

Health, Safety and Environment

Our goal is to safeguard our individuals, the public, our property and also the surroundings within which they work and live. It’s a commitment that's within the best interest of our customers, our workers and all other stakeholders.

It is attainable to run all operations with no injuries or damage to the equipment or the environment:

  • By obliging with all applicable laws and relevant trade standards of practice.
  • By unendingly evaluating the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) aspects of our company’s equipment and services.
  • We have a tendency to believe that effective HSE management is nice business and that we are committed to the continual improvement of HSE management practices.
  • From high management to entry level, most are accountable and in control of HSE.
We are taking steps to integrate HSE objectives into our management systems in the least levels; this may enhance our business success by reducing risk and adding value to our services.